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Sustainable and Innovative

IndoSpace’s magnificent journey of growth is defined by an amazing set of firsts in terms of sustainability in the industrial warehousing sector in India. We were the first company in India to be accredited with the prestigious IGBC Platinum Rating for the Logistics Parks Category. Environmental sustainability, social inclusion and good governance form the basis of our business values. With more conscious choices and business decisions, IndoSpace believes in consistently evolving the way it performs business, in ways that are good for the environment as well as society at large.

Technology Driven Operations

Our vision of sustainable spaces is fueled by advancements in technology. We believe in customer centricity and come up with innovative ideas to serve their needs. Our planning, design and implementation activities are integrated with technological innovations to deliver the best product offerings.

IndoSpace is continually upgrading and embracing technology changes for enriching customer experience and assuring efficient operations. We have successfully implemented ‘smart sensors’ and e-bikes, use of customer-facing applications for facility management and crisis communication. All of this is possible using our unified technology platform comprising Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Cloud, Mobility and Analytics.

Environmentally Responsible

IndoSpace takes an overall life-cycle approach to deliver sustained economic, social and environmental benefits. IndoSpace was one of the few businesses that indulged early in green warehousing. Since then, we have been continuously integrating sustainable practices in our business operations and this reflects in our long term ESG goals too. We have been frontrunners in introducing green buildings and we have also been among the first movers in taking up environment-friendly initiatives like solar rooftops at our parks.